We use premium waxing products, procedures and in-salon techniques that deliver exceptional results

Our premium waxing service is set in a warm and professional environment unmatched anywhere in City Centre Manchester.
Waxing treatments for both male and female clientele

Waxing treatments for both male and female clientele

Waxing generally lasts longer than many other hair removal alternatives and on re-growth it produces finer, smoother hair.

M3 Hair & Beauty salon based in central Manchester offers a range of leg waxing to meet both male & female requirements, including full leg waxing, three-quarter leg waxing and half leg waxing. Combined treatment packages of leg waxing with bikini waxing (or Brazilian wax or Hollywood Wax) are also very popular, a full range of the options is shown on our price list.

Our Waxing treatments use traditional male & female waxing techniques, applied to a variety of areas on the body. In addition, we also specialise in the more intimate aspects of waxing; principally the popular Brazilian, Hollywood and extended bikini line maintenance treatments.

If you have never experienced the waxing procedure previously, you can be confident that our beauticians are highly skilled at ensuring the procedure is relatively pain-free. Any discomfort is kept to an absolute minimum with the results producing smooth hair free skin for several weeks.

For those individuals with sensitive skin, we also specialise in the application of special hot waxes and tea tree creams suitable for such skin types. These assist in ensuring any post irritation is keep to a minimum.