Senior Barber

With over five decades expertise within the hairdressing fraternity, Nicola Gallucci is the quintessential traditional barber who’s skills encompass both traditional and modern hair cutting techniques.

Providing the ultimate in male grooming services, Nicola is widely recognised and respected within the city, having initially founded our original hair emporium Figaro for Hair in the mid 1970’s. As illustrated during a recent interview undertaken for the Manchester Evening News, Nicola has acquired a large and loyal client base which resembles a who’s who of Manchester’s leading social and professional personalities. 

Accordingly, any trip to M3 Hair & Beauty will reveal numerous figures from the world of entertainment, politics & business who frequently seek the unrivaled expertise of one of Manchester’s premier male grooming specialist.

Whether your preference is to acquire a more traditional hair style or alternatively one which is reflective of the latest fashionable trend, you are assured of a male grooming service crafted in Manchester and admired all around the world.

Days In Salon:
Nicki works Tuesday to Friday.
And alternate Saturdays.