Carol Martin

Senior Stylist
One of our more recent recruits, Ms Carol Martin possesses all the attributes widely accepted as a pre requisite to being recognised as an elite hair and colour technician. An invaluable member of an exceptionally talented team here at M3 Hair & Beauty, Carol’s body of work is frequently praised for its originality, creativity and capacity to reflect the ever-changing trends evident within modern hair styling & colours methodology & practice.

Naturally talented & possessing a wealth of technical knowledge and practical experience, Ms Martin is well equipped to accommodate both male and female clients in possession of a diverse range of differing hair lengths, textures and conditions. Such knowledge & experience ensures Carol is ably equipped to deliver an array of exemplary traditional and contemporary hair designs & colours which complement anyone’s appearance. Such skills are inclusive but not limited to an ability to perform the most intricate clipper / precision cuts; in addition to producing exceptionally long-lasting bouncy curls, big volume blow-dries and phenomenal special occasion hair.

Driven by a desire to ensure complete client satisfaction, Ms Martin places a huge emphasis on empowering her clients to partake in the creative process. Such an approach ultimately contributes to ensuring that the finished article exceeds all expectation. Combined with an exceptional after care service that extends to guidance on the suitability of specific pre & post maintenance products; clients are assured of the provision of a complete and comprehensive hair design & colouring service. So whatever the social occasion, you can rest in the knowledge that your hair will be you most standout feature.

Days In Salon:
Carol works Thursday and Saturdays.