Senior Stylist
Yvonne is the proud proprietor of M3 Hair & Beauty and from its inception was keen to ensure that her business encompassed the high professional values & beliefs she herself is widely respected for within the hairdressing profession.

Diligent, innovative, meticulous and unashamedly client centred, Yvonne is adequately skilled to implement her clients remit and share her professional opinion accordingly if and when required.

Adequately skilled in all aspects of precision cutting, styling and colouring, Yvonne is exceptionally gifted when it comes to creating the individual style and look requested. Those skills having been acquired during a career in a multitude of city centre salons during the previous three decades.

Yvonne is keen to ensure that the high standard of professionalism & service delivery encountered during her career as a stylist are surpassed here at M3 Hair & Beauty.

With an emphasis on a friendly environment, high quality provision, competitive prices and complete customer satisfaction, you can be assured your hair styling needs will be satisfied here at M3.


What Yvonne’s customers say about her..

“M3 goes from strength to strength! As a “regular” of this friendly salon since it first opened, I’ve seen M3 grow into a popular, stylish and modern hair & beauty salon, which still offers personalized quality advice and service. My stylist, Yvonne, who owns the salon, is excellent, and epitomizes the tasteful and flexible approach to good value hair & beauty services which makes M3 stand out. M3 now sets the standard in Manchester City Centre”.


“I have been going to M3 for many many years and the owner Yvonne is my hairdresser. During the time when Yvonne was on maternity leave with her beautiful twin boys, I still visited the salon and as all the staff are trained to Yvonne’s standard then I was always a very satisfied client. There has obviously over the years been a need for me to occasionally use an alternative hairdresser, but I always return to M3.

Thank you Yvonne, don’t ever retire. ‘SIMPLY THE BEST”

“Yvonne & I go back a long way. She’s been cutting my hair for around 18 years.

I have used different salons on odd occasions especially when my work took me away but I always came back. I haven’t found anyone else who can cut or colour my hair as well. She gives sound advice when I have a hair brained idea and steers me back in the right direction.

I have no hesitation in recommending M3 and Yvonne in particular. The salon is friendly and vibrant with all staff members contributing to a lively atmosphere.

And Yvonne even cuts my teenage boys hair. There’s trust & versatility for you!”


Days In Salon:
Yvonne works Monday to Saturday.
She is not in on Wednesday.

Carol Martin

Senior Stylist
One of our more recent recruits, Ms Carol Martin possesses all the attributes widely accepted as a pre requisite to being recognised as an elite hair and colour technician. An invaluable member of an exceptionally talented team here at M3 Hair & Beauty, Carol’s body of work is frequently praised for its originality, creativity and capacity to reflect the ever-changing trends evident within modern hair styling & colours methodology & practice.

Naturally talented & possessing a wealth of technical knowledge and practical experience, Ms Martin is well equipped to accommodate both male and female clients in possession of a diverse range of differing hair lengths, textures and conditions. Such knowledge & experience ensures Carol is ably equipped to deliver an array of exemplary traditional and contemporary hair designs & colours which complement anyone’s appearance. Such skills are inclusive but not limited to an ability to perform the most intricate clipper / precision cuts; in addition to producing exceptionally long-lasting bouncy curls, big volume blow-dries and phenomenal special occasion hair.

Driven by a desire to ensure complete client satisfaction, Ms Martin places a huge emphasis on empowering her clients to partake in the creative process. Such an approach ultimately contributes to ensuring that the finished article exceeds all expectation. Combined with an exceptional after care service that extends to guidance on the suitability of specific pre & post maintenance products; clients are assured of the provision of a complete and comprehensive hair design & colouring service. So whatever the social occasion, you can rest in the knowledge that your hair will be you most standout feature.

Days In Salon:
Carol works Thursday and Saturdays.


Hair stylist & colour technician
Widely recognised as M3 Hair & Beauty’s piccola principessa, Ilaria is an exceptionally accomplished & highly talented hair stylist who has quickly established herself as an invaluable member of our multi faceted hair & beauty team. Originating from Italy, Ilaria arrived at M3 with an impressive array of technical abilities acquired during an illustrious career in her native Italy; most notably at Pier Giuseppe Moroni in Milan. It is important to note that Ilaria’s body of work is widely revered here at M3 Hair & Beauty with her frequently in receipt of rare reviews for creating hair styles which exemplifies originality, creativity and a capacity to truly reflect today’s fluctuating trends.

With an eye for appreciating the significance of the smallest of details, Ilaria has an array of technical abilities to create & deliver a wide range of unique colours, textures and styles irrespective of her client’s gender or particular hair type or length. Such skills ensure Ilaria’s hair designs, not only compliment her client’s particular facial features, but also meet the needs of the most demanding of social engagements.

Driven by a desire to ensure complete client satisfaction, Ilaria places a huge emphasis on empowering her clients to partake in the creative process. Such an approach ultimately contributes to ensuring that the finished look exceeds all expectations. Therefore immersed with an array of precision cutting techniques, specialism for delivering exceptionally long-lasting bouncy curls & special occasion hair, you are assured that whatever the occasion your hair will be your most standout feature.

Days In Salon:
Ilaria works Tuesday to Saturday.


Senior Barber

With over five decades expertise within the hairdressing fraternity, Nicola Gallucci is the quintessential traditional barber who’s skills encompass both traditional and modern hair cutting techniques.

Providing the ultimate in male grooming services, Nicola is widely recognised and respected within the city, having initially founded our original hair emporium Figaro for Hair in the mid 1970’s. As illustrated during a recent interview undertaken for the Manchester Evening News, Nicola has acquired a large and loyal client base which resembles a who’s who of Manchester’s leading social and professional personalities. 

Accordingly, any trip to M3 Hair & Beauty will reveal numerous figures from the world of entertainment, politics & business who frequently seek the unrivaled expertise of one of Manchester’s premier male grooming specialist.

Whether your preference is to acquire a more traditional hair style or alternatively one which is reflective of the latest fashionable trend, you are assured of a male grooming service crafted in Manchester and admired all around the world.

Days In Salon:
Nicki works Tuesday to Friday.
And alternate Saturdays.


Senior Beautician
A highly valuable & respected member of the M3 Hair & Beauty team, Samanta is a fully qualified beautician who possesses a wealth of experience gained during a distinguished career in both New York & her native Sicily. Extremely attentive & courteous, Samanta epitomises all the characteristics that are a prerequisite to delivering the ultimate spa & beauty experience.

With a multitude of national & internationally professionally accredited qualifications, Samanta is more than aptly skilled to provide a diverse range of contemporary and traditionally renowned female & male beauty treatments unrivalled in City Centre Manchester.

Applying only the finest professionally recognised spa & beauty products, Samanta is able to achieve unbelievable results irrespective of the client’s particular level of skin sensitivity. Such a degree of expertise and technical ability ensures that our spa and beauty experience is pleasurable and thoroughly relaxing.

Whether your wish is to experience our range of pamper packages, or simply treat yourself to treatments like; HD bows, intimate waxing or our array of shellac, bio sculpture or acrylic colour ranges, you are assured that Samanta’s level of determination to exceed your expectations will make M3 your spa & beauty one stop destination.

Days In Salon:
Samanta works Tuesday to Saturday.
She is not in on Mondays.


Senior Barber
Possessing the same degree of expertise as his long term colleague Nicola, Joe is a traditional barber who concentrates on providing the clients with the ultimate male grooming experience.

Having relocated to Manchester from Portugal as a young man, Joe Custodio has a very rare level of specialist skills acquired during an hairdressing career spanning over five decades. As a result, Joes unique barbering abilities has gathered a large & loyal clientele who travel substantial distances in order to benefit from such personal expertise

With such unrivaled expertise & technical ability, Joe is suitably qualified to create a variety of both traditional and contemporary hair styles suitable for all male hair lengths, types and styles.

Whatever the occasion you can be assured that your hair will complement your own unique personal characteristics and maintain that healthy appearance long after your visit to M3 Hair & Beauty

Days In Salon:
Joe works on a Wednesday, only.